2019 Youth Pizza Fundraiser

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Youth Group
Pizza Fundraiser – 2019

  1. Sell to relatives, friends and neighbors that you know. A good selling point may be that they would be a great meal or snack for Super Bowl Sunday!
  2. Orders must be estimated and reported to the church office, Pam Mundt, or Janice Devine-Ruggles by Sunday, January 27, 2019. Any orders turned in after that date will be filled only if ingredients are available.
  3. We will be having a “Pizza-Making Party” on February 2, 2019 from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Marshfield Senior High Consumer Ed kitchen (enter through the doors by the Greenhouse). Pizza lunch will be provided for those working that day.
  4. If you sell pizzas, you will be responsible for delivering what you sell. We will try to call the “sellers” when their orders are complete, however we cannot guarantee that this will happen. If you do not hear from us, please plan on being at Senior High before noon on February 2nd to pick up your orders. If this is not possible, please contact Janice Devine-Ruggles (384-7988) or Pam Mundt (387-4520) to make other arrangements.
  5. Any checks need to be made out to Good Shepherd Youth. All money needs to be collected and turned in by February 17, 2019.
  6. 10 Inch Pizzas

Cheese: $7.00

Sausage: $8.00

Pepperoni: $8.00

Deluxe: $10.00

14 Inch Pizzas

Cheese: $10.00

Sausage: $11.00

Pepperoni: $11.00

Deluxe: $15.00

  1. Order forms are available in the church office or Narthex of the church.

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